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The reader is alive and well


It is always encouraging to know you’re being read (and appreciated)! Sometimes it seems impossible to imagine other people out there, reading words that earlier you committed to paper (or sent into the ether). The moment of writing is always solitary and private. I sometimes forget the stuff I put here goes out into the world via the magic of the internet: how extraordinary that this has been possible in our lifetime.

My thanks to Anthony Wilson, a fellow poet-blogger, who mentions Invective and some fabulous blogs that he follows here:

And today I received in the post two pristine copies of a new book, This is Pollock by Catherine Ingram, in which my poem ‘Cedar Nights’ is quoted. The book is part of a series from Laurence King which combines art history, biography and comics, perfect for Pollock’s beat sensibilities. And lots of snippets of other writings: I’m in good company with Whitman, Thoreau and Beckett:


(an illustration from the book by Peter Arkle)